Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Barter Power

The Techie doesn't cook. The Cook doesn't tech. So the Techie teched while the Cook cooked and now all is well with Dell.

The story goes that the Elder's parents paid for his birth with a bushel of potatoes. I know that part of the payment for my eldest was a pencil drawing. You can barter with goods and services or with the cotton fiber dollar.

In the Techie's kitchen I fixed a little veggie stir fry with Buckwheat Soba noodles. It was a first. I'd never fixed Soba noodles. What an attractive package.
The package said serves 4 and at $6.13 for the 8 ounces, I was careful to fix only enough for the two of us. I expected the noodles to double in size. They didn't. They just softened up. There they sat, a little handful of noodles in the bottom of the bowl. YIKES. I poured a little sesame oil over them, added the stir fry vegetables and thanked my lucky stars I had brought a salad.

I'm pretty sure I can live the rest of my life without Buckwheat noodles. What did they offer? 6gm of protein. That. But really. I wanted more. More bulk, more flavor, more drama. Don't bother with them. Why not cook up a pot of buckwheat groats and serve them on the side with a little herb pesto?

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