Monday, May 3, 2010

I've learned a few things in the past week...

  1. I get REALLY grumpy if my blood sugar gets low.
  2. My blood sugar gets really low around noon after eating a Vegan breakfast (which isn't good since church lets out at 12:30).
  3. It takes a lot of work and preparation to have a Vegan day (when you don't have a Vegan filled pantry/fridge)
  4. Canned couscous is GROSS.
  5. My husband and children like to eat animal products.
  6. It takes a lot of work to make 3 Vegan meals for me and 3 meals for my husband and children.
  7. My plate is FULL and I've been overwhelmed by it lately (can't decide if there's a pun in that or not). ;)
  8. I need to let some things in life go... and I need to go to bed earlier. :)
With all that said, I've come to disappointing decision.... I need to stop my Vegan experiment. As a friend told me one time, food shouldn't be about sacrifice and I feel like I've been sacrificing for the sake of a commitment to a challenge. I didn't eat Vegan this last Sunday and it was nice to have that day with my guys not worried about what I was going to eat. So, I'm sorry to bow out, but I feel as though I really need to... I had no idea how much effort it took to eat Vegan!

But, in my first post I made a commitment to donate $40 to a charity if I didn't make the commitment until my 40th birthday (Aug), so you'll be glad to know that my failure means $40 was given to Living Water International to help provide life-changing clean water to developing countries.

It's been an eye-opening experiment and I will look at my food differently because of it... thank you for letting me tag along for a little bit!



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