Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tomatoes reminiscant of Salish Lodge

I have just returned from a couple days away with my husband of twenty years. We spent a night at the Salish Lodge near Seattle. It was so luxurious. I already want more of their wonderful sweet tomatoes that accompanied my dinner so I made a quick copy of theirs. In their version they alternated between a sweet red tomato slice and a green heirloom variety. They were so elegant and delicious. Eating lighter in the summer these are fine for me for a lunch or a light dinner.

Slices of the best tomatoes you can find.
Sea salt
Fresh cracked pepper
basil leaves sliced fine
garlic chips (thin slices of fresh garlic fried until golden)
basil flavored olive oil
balsamic vinegar
micro greens or fresh herbs

Lay slices of tomatoes on plate and sprinkle with vinegar, oil, garlic chips, herbs, salt & pepper. Use the most luxurious ingredients you can find to pamper yourself.

I will leave you with a photo of the falls at Salish Lodge.

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