Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ten Things You Don't Know About Me

You can imagine that this past week has been a busy one. In lieu of my usual Saturday vegan post, I've decided to tell you ten things about myself that you might not know. If you want to write back and tell me ten things about yourself, I'll be a happy camper. God bless each of you as we gear up to celebrate the greatest holiday of all--Christmas, the time we celebrate the birth of our Saviour.

1.  My mom was determined that we three girls would have every advantage she didn't have, what with growing up during the Depression. Thus, I can tap dance, play the piano and clarinet, twirl a baton, and sing a choir solo.

2.  My father was a "gentleman farmer" a phrase used while I was growing up that meant the family lived in town, but dad farmed the family acres. Thus, I think of myself as a farm kid that's been slightly city-fied.

3.  I have two younger sisters and although we are all grandmas, we remain close in proximity and spirit. We get together as often as possible and within our family, we are known for creating a certain amount of fun trouble and then laughing so hard, everyone else laughs too, even though they aren't sure what they are laughing at.

4.  I grew up eating chicken and pork because that's what dad raised on our farm. We always had a ready supply of eggs and while my friends thought I must hate chicken, I loved it and still do, even though it is now off the menu.

5.  I eloped with the boy across the street when I was barely seventeen. People said it would never last but I knew they were wrong. We were married 53 years till his unexpected passing eighteen months ago. How I miss him.

6.  I had three children but only two lived. Those two gave me seven grandkids. I consider that a good return on my investment for the time spent walking like a duck, tossing my cookies for nearly nine months at a time, and having to wear slippers because my feet were so swollen.

7.  I love all sorts of crafts and am harboring so many unfinished projects that I'll need to live to be 200 in order to finish them all. My favorite craft is knitting, followed by quilting, then sewing, then cross-stitching, then needlepoint and finally, acrylic painting.

8.  I wanted to be a writer since childhood, but my parents laughed at my aspirations, so I went underground and hid my work. When I began selling my writing, guess who was standing first in line to take credit for encouraging me? My folks. But it was really my hubby who told me to "go for it." You'll find some of my books on on my author's pages.

9.  I love animals and don't remember a time when I didn't have pets. Right now I have four cats and a very big dog who lives in the house, sleeps in front of the door, and drives everyone away, even some visitors I would like to see.

10.  I have not been a vegan very long. Less than a year. But I have spent at least 15 prior years in and out of the hospital and in four colon surgeries for intestinal disease. Last hospital stay, the new doctor the hospital called in diagnosed the cause and changed my diet to vegan. I didn't think it would do any good, but I've never felt better, have lost weight, and haven't been in the hospital since.

Blessings for each one of you,

Sandy Keith


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