Thursday, September 3, 2009

Having missed a 5:00AM call from Switzerland, I found myself in a grouchy mood this morning. Now why would some special person be calling me at that hour? Well because of my cell phone minutes; you know the drill, 9:01pm – 5:59am. Don't you love it? I go to bed at 9:30 if at all possible! The cats, however, for once, are not pounding the doors down to be fed. When I entered the kitchen they were calmly hunched by the door. Upon feeding those felines, I reached for the cupboard door to start my morning ritual, or religion as some have put it, (how did they put it? Plainly.) and out comes an empty jar, where once lived hundreds of tiny coffee beans. No worries; the backup can- wow, feels pretty light today. M.T. So in lieu, I go for the juice jar in the fridge. A whopping 3oz is left. That should be enough to fuel a 4 mile run. And so it was. Being still foggy after the morning run and shower, my mind shifted to lunch, as I would not have time for dealing with breakfast. Once at work, the sandwich shoppe is within walking distance. So skipping to lunch, after this morning's fiasco it had to be an early one- can usually get a bite by 11:00am; arrived at 11:27 and the door is locked! Curious! Did they loose my business over 3 minutes, or do I stick it out for the everlasting fried tofu and hummus that I've been waiting for all week. Teeth in grit, I folded my arms and propped myself up against a wall adjacent and perpendicular to the entrance. Then, as if a bell was rung by an invisible force, the door was unlocked by a bewildered manager. I snaked into the doorway and carved my place in line (first) before the mad rush of hungry downtowners could get a chance to mow me over. “Good morning, table for one?” “FRIED TOFU AND HUMMUS SANDWICH PLEASE!” “A whu?” Poor thing- the girl must be new! “YES, I'D LIKE THE AH, TOFU, AH, FRIED TOFU, AH...” She stopped looking at me and focused on the menu- then I pointed to the culprit. “THAT ONE.” “Anything else?” “C-Coffee. You guys have coffee?” I asked sheepishly as if I expected a negative. I mean, she could have said- yes, it'll be another thirty minutes while it brews. And I'd be sitting there with a stomach digesting itself, a fried tofu sandwich aging in my lap, and an empty coffee cup until deep into the downtowner's lunch hour. “Coffee? Yes; how much is 2 dollars.” Two dollars. It should be 2 nickels. “I'll take it!” Alas I am delivered from hunger as my restauranteer hands me the enormous bag. “Any cream for the coffee?” “Uh...” Vegan day vegan day vegan day “No cream for me, thanks! Black is back!” Stepping across the busy intersection, impatient for the “walk” signal, I wait for a telephone truck to turn per his signal, and he does and I almost get pancaked by the service van in his blind spot! Hmmm- what a day that would be! Obama, how's the health insurance coming along? Safely back at my office I scramble to at least add some raw sugar to the everscalding hot coffee; and at last I get to indulge in my sandwich.
[Fear not, it's Nayonnaise!]

Mid afternoon snack was no picnic either. Rice milk with vegan protein powder.

And for appetizer, over-ripe slimcado; I DON'T RECOMMEND:After a speedy recovery, and coming to my senses, I defrosted a container of Vegetable Korma, whilst ruining a pot of brown rice.I DIGRESS, IT WAS GOOD!!! I think something green would add a nice touch next time, bed of spinach for instance. So in summation, I am now prepared with a new pound of coffee beans; hope they make a decent french pressing or I will be depressing the garbage disposal button.

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