Thursday, July 1, 2010

Vegan and the Gulf

After a year of Once a Week Vegan, I have some thoughts.......

My vegetarian friend told me that people always ask him, baffled, "What's a vegetarian anyway?" He tells them to go to the grocery store, walk to the meat counter, turn your back to the meat counter - what do you see? That's a vegetarian's diet." It's almost that simple.

On Sunday I was having dinner with friends and someone said, "You know, ever since the Gulf incident, I have been thinking about every mile I drive." If I hadn't been eating vegan once a week, studying it, thinking about it, I wouldn't have been able to add, that we can also help by reducing our meat consumption. Meat consumption and fossil fuels is discussed here and here and many other places on the Internet. We usually don't put those two ideas together.

As consumers, we can change a lot of things. The incentives for change include the big dollar bill, of course, that's how we trade goods and services.

Eat like a poor person I read recently, it will improve your health. My vegan journey has not felt like a poor persons diet, but in fact it has reduced my grocery bill. Flavor and color and variety have not been sacrificed.

End of editorial.

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