Monday, December 14, 2009


Lagniappe (lan-YAP, LAN-yap) - noun. A small gift a customer recieves with a purchase.

My new favorite vendor at the farmer's market is an organic grower who sells grapes, persimmons, apples, avocados and pomegranates. In front of the stand they have a nice "taste me" bar, complete with toothpicks, so you can sample their product. Everything is $2.00 a pound. You can put everything into the same bag. They weigh the bag, collect their due and then add a lagniappe of something you bought. Last week, they gave me 3 extra persimmons.

This is my lagniappe to you, a bit of knowledge: I put the 3 extra fuyu persimmons in the freezer to see what would happen. They froze, of course. When I defrosted them they sliced nicely, the color was good and they tasted great. The only difference between a fuyu persimmon fresh and a fuyu persimmon frozen, then defrosted is the texture. It's a little like the difference between the texture of a fresh peach and a canned peach.

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