Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Good, The Bean, and the Weird

Keyboards are great; aren't they? Remember the days of the mechanical typewriter, when a bit of strength was required to bring those hammer down to make a firm impression? Or your first electric typewriter that seemed to type itself; especially if a key was held down too long. Fast forward to the new millennium, and we have a choice: pc standard issue keyboard, pc laptop keyboard, mac laptop keyboard, and mac somewhat-standard issue. Notice how ctrl-c mean different things in each world? Yet somehow we train ourselves to use apple-c when necessary to carry out the same task. What about function keys? Make sure you use "fn" on the mac laptop as it won't do what it did on your mac desktop. Wew!

Crunchy Sprouts; a new favorite? To be enjoyed while watching crunchyroll, every one's fav. What I like about sprouts is that one may buy them, or may make them cheaply with seeds or beans of your choice and the old glass jar and cheesecloth trick; or damp paper towels. Careful not to get chia seeds in your dishrag as they will take sprout! How to use them? Add to tortilla wraps, salads, sandwiches, or anything that needs fresh greens (the sprouts not the paper towels.) The seeds are high in protein, and the sprout adds extra calories to make it worth the effort to grow. They are also tasty with braggs ginger dressing, on top of an arugula salad with cucumbers. The seeds you don't eat, you may now sow; might as well start some plants now anyway.

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