Thursday, May 20, 2010

Comment on Gas and Water

Does eating vegan save gas? That's a touchy one- let's rationalize without being too specific. Firstly it is contingent upon the source. Did you buy frozen edamame from China, near an unrestricted industrial complex that pumps toxins into the air & water to be absorbed by nearby vegetation, or did you buy soybeans from the guy down the road? What are you supposed to do during off-season? Buy canned beans? Where are they from? What about water? Doesn't it take a lot of water to grow vegetables? Maybe, but compared to raising a cow, it's a drop in the trough. Point is, buy local if available, and read labels so at least you know where stuff is coming from. The more that we buy local, the more people may become attracted to farming again, if only to start a garden or indoor vegetables.

There- that didn't take long to read. And you didn't have to sit through another one of my stir-fry recipes.

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