Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'm not know to be one of those "precise" and "exact" types. A former victim of OCD, I gave up on perfection for a more casual approach to life and have discovered this carried over into how I cook. Admittedly, I am notorioius for not measuring ingredients with measuring spoons and measuring cups. Somehow I feel the tongue is a more accurate judge of how much salt, oregano, butter, and the like is necessary in a dish. So I am asking forgiveness in advance for my recipes that most likely will direct your pallet to guide you in when determining weights and measures. The nice element to my style of cooking is I have also learned that it is also a creative process and there are few "rules" to cooking other than beginning with a sanitary and organized kitchen. Demanding on the freshest produce, and music that aids the creative process.
Generally, I try to buy and use ingredients that are in season. The thrifty-girl in me says this makes good economic sense but really, I like to celebrate what Mother Nature is producing at said time of year. So ... this known, I am excited I will be participating in a year-long (or lifetime) endeavor. Bon Appetite.

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