Friday, May 13, 2011


On Tuesday I decided to paint a small bathroom. The first step was to make a pot of soup. "What?", you say, "Are you still talking about painting the bathroom?" I have learned to say, "It's my process."

Making soup with the leftovers in my refrigerator is a relaxing exercise for me. While I'm chopping vegetables I am mentally locating the paint, the brushes, the drop cloth. I am organizing the job: 1. undress the walls, 2. take down the shower curtain, 3. wash the throw rugs, 4. wash the walls, 5. eat soup while the walls dry, watching yesterday's Jon Stewart that I've taped on my DVR.

This bathroom paint job took me a long time to get to because I'm attached to the child who was 2 when she drew the picture to the left on the bathroom wall. How could I cover this work of art? The line quality is wonderful. The image is full of life. Arms and legs coming right out of the head. It's adorable. It's brilliant. Be spontaneous, this drawing says to me.

I have saved this work of art in pictures that don't do it justice. The original is always the best. Other originals on the living room wall and the kitchen wall will have to appease me now.

Back to leftovers. Split pea soup, vegan lasagna and the spicy Bulgar salad, prepared for previous vegan Wednesdays, came out of the freezer to give me a vegan week. No new recipe this week. This week, I use up what I have, including the half gallon of paint that covered the bathroom walls.

We are having guests this weekend and I am planning the menu. Vegan pizza is on the list. It feels so good to have been practicing vegan for so long that I have a few winning recipes I feel comfortable sharing with the omnivores.

The refrigerator and freezer are current. The bathroom is looking fresh. A little grocery shopping, a quick run through the house with a dust rag and we are ready for good friends, good food and interesting conversation.

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