Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Chopped Salad

"We have ten fingers and ten toes," she said. "That may explain why we like to do things in tens."  My friend was an elementary school teacher. She taught her students that they could remember ten things by using their fingers and thumbs as props. I have applied this idea to today's salad. You don't need to dig up a cookbook, you can remember how to make this salad using your fingers and thumbs. On the Left hand count off the Greens, on the Right hand count off the Others (that sounds ominous). I'm calling it:

 Fingers and Thumbs Chopped Salad
a complete meal
On the Right Hand we have:
1. romaine lettuce
2. arugula
3. cucumber
4. brocolli
5. herbs
On the left hand
6. carrots
7. red pepper
8. red cabbage
*9. quinoa
10. dressing 

Measure? How many are you serving? Eyeball it. This salad will keep for a couple of days, so if you over do it a little, it will be an easy lunch tomorrow.

*You can prepare the quinoa ahead of time. Follow the simple instructions on this video. (I never add salt.)

Chop, chop, chop, chop, all of the vegetables. You want end up with a salad that shares all of the ingredients in every bite. As you finish chopping an ingredient, add it to the bowl to form layers. When all of the vegetables and the quinoa are in the bowl, toss everything together. Pass the dressing at the table.

This is a great summer salad that will cheer you up, cool you off, fill you up and keep you going for hours.

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