Friday, August 26, 2011


NBC Nightly News ran a feature story about Super Foods this week.

Super foods are in the news quite often. The top ten list varies article to article, report to report. We mention super foods quite often on this blog, but we don't call them out. Maybe we should. First I thought I should call out a little list of super foods I've written about. Then you could click on the food and it would lead you to the post where you will find a recipe. Like this: cucumbers,  fresh fruit and nuts, greens, chia seeds, beans, brown rice, quinoa, watermelon.

Then I remembered that we have a search box in the right hand column. I tried it out. It works beautifully. Want to know what to do with blueberries? Type blueberries in the search box and several articles with blueberries in the recipes from this blog will be suggested. Modern technology blows my mind.

Dr. Nancy Snyderman, NBC's chief medical editor reported that Dr Clinton at Ohio State University is working in the lab to harness the power of super foods and create products (lollipops, pills) that target certain diseases. My reaction was, "are you crazy?" How about eating those super foods just the way they are? Nature has it all figured out. Give me a break.

J. Morris Hicks agrees. "Whole foods in nature's package," he says. Reports like the NBC report just confuse us.

J. Morris Hicks has a website called  Healthy Eating Healthy World . Everything on this planet connects to everything on this planet. What we eat matters. I paraphrase: "The brightest minds are missing the point", he says, "to have a healthy body, to live on a healthy planet, we need to eat more plant based foods."

Once a week is a good start. Thanks for joining us here.

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