Sunday, May 20, 2012

Oh No. You're One of Those?

Clematis blooming on the Square in Fayettevillle

Tell someone that you are a vegan and this is the typical response you'll get: People think you are a humorless fanatic living on alfalfa and bile. Or, at least some of them. And I suppose that statement is sometimes true. 

Who doesn't know a vegan who is so sure of their moral superiority and righteousness that they can kill a conversation and clear a room in minutes? "Butter?" they say. "Do you know how bad butter is for you and the planet?" 

Asiatic lilies in bloom at The Fayetteville Library

But we're not about that here. We're out to show that you can eat vegan occasionally and it is not going to kill you. That it can be tasty. That you can have a good time. That you can enjoy it and embrace it and you don't have to clear a room or bang your neighbor over the head with your Birkenstocks!

So in the spirit of fun, today I gave myself the day off both from work and from eating vegan. I'll do my vegan day tomorrow. And next week I am going to a vegan potluck with some very fun people--non vegans who are experimenting and having fun with it. Today I don't feel like cooking and it's off to town I go. It's the Block Street Block Party and I'm off with my camera because of all the flowers in bloom right now. Besides, I'm in the mood for some ice cream!

Sculpture garden at The Walton Arts Center

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