Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Holy Mole!

It was as I suspected. It looked like something my neighbor's dog might have left behind. I marinated sliced tofu in mole sauce and then baked it for 15 minutes on each side in a 400 degree oven, sauced it with warm mole and served it on corn tortillas. The rice was beautiful. Mr. Carnivore ate the tofu but passed on the rice. "It's just rice". I passed on the tofu and ate the rice. "Just rice" is fine with me.

Sometimes I think that veganizing certain recipes is trying to make something taste and look like something it is not. It was not turkey mole. It was tofu masquerading as turkey mole. Now that I am okay with not eating turkey, I think I will stick with trying to eat food that tastes like what it is.

I promise to do better next week.

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