Thursday, May 27, 2010

Poe-tay-to - Pa-tato

One of my favorite blogs is a daily collection of graphic art and marketing ideas. It's Swiss Miss. Every time I visit that site I find something inspiring. That's where I learned about the great magnetic blocks I bought my granddaughter for Christmas - a favorite of everyone, young and old. This week I found this little video showing how to make a Potato Pancake Swiss Style

All my previous potato pancakes were made with grated raw potato. You know what happens to a potato if you don't get it right into the pan - it begins to turn unappetizing colors. YUK. Tasty still, but not pretty. Cooking them first means you can get some potatoes ready a day ahead and shorten the cooking time the next day.

I made a single serving - one potato.  First I boiled the potato, whole, until it was just about done. I wanted it to be firm when I grated it.  When it was cool, I grated it, skin and all. The Swiss video, you will note, peeled the potatoes. Now why would you do that?  It's so good, that peel. And it adds a certain beauty to the end result, don't you think?

I heated a little olive oil in a small frying pan and added the grated potatoes. I cooked it for about 5 minutes on each side. Turning it over was the fun part. When side one is done, invert a ceramic plate over the potato patty and flip the pan upside-down, dumping the patty onto the plate in one piece. Then slide the patty back into the pan to fry the second side.

My little garden is thrilling me with baby lettuce. While side 2 was frying, I fixed a little salad of baby lettuce, tomato and onion, did the oil and vinegar thing (a splash of each) and waited.

I'm all for a one plate meal. So the Potato went on top of the salad. It was Divine.

I see all kinds of possibilities for these potatoes.  My baby kale is ready - slice it up and add to the potatoes before frying  for added color and flavor; lip smacking good. It's an easy good-looking addition to any meal. Breakfast, lunch or dinner. Add other veggies before frying or pass them at the table as a topping.

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