Saturday, May 29, 2010

Spring Stew with Snausages

I felt like making a hearty stew, a cold weather dish, and call it Spring Stew. And, since I used my son John's recipe for seitan sausages, I call them Snausages (it's not sausage). There is nothing fake about the taste of the stew or the 'snausages'. It is delicious. I am giving a list of the ingredients that I used, but not the quantities, as this is a personal thing. I cook for one, so I pair down the quantities that are in normal recipes.

In addition to the photo of the stew, I am enclosing a photo of my 'Knockout Roses'. They are everything that they are claimed to be. Knockout beautiful, disease and insect resistant and carefree! And, they smell wonderful.

Spring Stew with Snausages

Saute til soft, some onions. Add garlic and saute that until soft.
Slice the 'snausages' and cook for a minute or two, then remove from pan.

To the pan, add:

Tender young carrots
Tender young green beans
Peeled pearl onions (boil in water for 1 minute to remove peel)
Cubed potatoes, I left the peel on
Sliced large Portabella mushrooms
Garlic salt (the one with herbs included)
Worcestershire sauce (careful, as it is salty)
Dried Thyme
Onion powder
Vegetable broth or water to cover.

Cook until vegetables are tender.
Add sliced 'snausages'
Make a gravy. I used Bisto gravy mix, it is very good and you can buy it at the coop or at a grocery store. I cook it according to directions for the quantity that I want.
Add the gravy to stew and bring all to a simmer for a minute or two.

Serve and enjoy!

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