Wednesday, February 9, 2011


  The gals at Traders-n-'Wiches, bless their hearts, don't want to cook. They like to assemble. For awhile I have been watching and learning from their blog; I've been thinking and planning. Can I assemble a Vegan sandwich with what I can find on the shelves at Trader Joe's?

  I took a stroll down the aisles of my local Trader Joe's. Working within these parameters: No cooking, Sandwich, Vegan and my Special-needs-diet (no soy, no gluten), I considered my choices. A light bulb went off when I spotted the Wheat Free Toaster Waffles in the freezer section. Checking the ingredients, no eggs (this is good) but some soy (drat). I chose to overlook the soy lecithin and the capital letters that say CONTAINS SOY. Not far from the waffles I spotted the chocolate sorbet. I heard the hallelujah chorus. A dessert was born.

Chocolate Sorbet Waffle Sandwich

2 Trader Joe's Wheat Free Toaster Waffles
Organic peanut butter
Chocolate Sorbet

  Simple assembly required. After some experimentation I decided it was best to use two waffles for this sandwich, even if it made the sandwich tall. Cutting the waffle in half horizontally didn't work. I found that a sandwich of two whole waffles assembled and frozen, was a lot for the average person to eat after a filling dinner, BUT it was difficult to divide after assembling. So.....

  Cut the waffle into quarters BEFORE you assemble the sandwich. It's quite easy to get it engineer perfect by following the graph that the waffle makes for you.
  Spread each quarter waffle with peanut butter. The waffle pockets are a perfect receptacle for peanut butter. This is the protein that makes the sandwich somewhat healthy.
  The sorbet spreads on top of the peanut butter without any resistance. If yours is a little too solid, let the container sit at room temperature for about 10 minutes. It will be spreadable.
  Top with the second waffle, wrap in clear wrap and freeze. 

  You could also slice some bananas or strawberries on top of the sorbet, add some chopped nuts, dip the whole thing into chocolate. Go crazy.

It's a sandwich. It's a dessert. It's a treat.

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  1. Oh god I could do with some waffles right now! Thanks for sharing!