Sunday, February 13, 2011

Feel the Love

Valentine's Day 2011 and I am too tired to cook. I actually did eat vegan all day but it consisted mostly of a vegan wrap of hummus and raw veggies on a rolled up tortilla. This year I am doing better than years past. Usually I am so busy and pressed for time that I wind up eating the most unhealthiest of foods at a time when I really need to be eating well. Oh well, who doesn't do that?

Today's blog has no recipe and isn't about eating vegan in a strict sense. Although it is about making changes. Eating vegan one day a week is for me about having the courage to make changes. It forces me to focus. It makes me exercise just a tiny bit of discipline. I have never been known to have much discipline. I smoke, drink , swear and have been know to do silly things. I only swear for effect. I sometimes eat Cheetos.

Next year marks my one year anniversary in my new home in Northwest Arkansas. The year has been full of ups and downs.Feelings of joy and adventure and love for my new home are interspersed with moments of self doubt, fear and uncertainty. Like anyone, I beat myself up when those negative feelings come around but I try to keep my eye on the prize and remember why I am making changes. It is not easy to make big life changes and toss away that safety net when you get to a certain age. Or maybe when faced with the choice of staying in one place and stagnating, it is very easy. Not matter, it is done. A new adventure. Like committing to eat vegan.

I am so lucky to have people in my life who help me along the way. When I decided to move and realized afterwards that I had no job to go to, a new opportunity knocked. Debbie, who blogs with us on Wednesdays connected me with a few growers who I now represent. This winter when there was not much to sell and business was bad, some old friends in Holland came to my rescue. I now rep for one of the best and biggest exporters of Dutch flowers in the world. My friend Pam is always there to give me encouragement and a reality check(kick in the ass) when I need it. I look back at what was and what is and what I hope to accomplish and I realize that I have accomplished a lot. Perhaps my eating vegan experiment gave me a little bit of courage and
little bit of focus.
The old

Maybe going vegan one day a week will give you a bit of focus? Will you join us?

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