Monday, March 21, 2011

Eating Out Today!

Today was one of those days where I didn't cook, but I still ate three meals plus snacks, and coffee. Who doesn't? Anywho...I took the idea of store bought waffles from our blog and served a beautiful breakfast to my niece visiting from Holland. We toasted organic flax waffles with vegan ingredients, and topped them with margarine, powder sugar, pecans, and sliced apples. Other than the sugar, it was quite a healthy breakfast!

We met a friend for coffee in Santa Barbara. I had a hot chai tea sans latte. As we were sitting outside, we were surprised by first a sprinkle, then a down pour. After walking all the way down State Street, and peeling off our outer layers in the hot morning sun... We were without an umbrella walking all the way back to our car.

Lunch was one of my usual salads...Spring Mix, organic and store bought, with avocado, carrots, red onions, garbanzo beans and whatever else is yummy in salads. Add balsamic vinegar and olive isn't cooking when you just assemble, right?

Around four o'clock I needed a pick me up... left over pop corn from our movie at the Arlington theater last night did the trick. You seriously throw it all away? What a waste!

Dinner at our local Thai restaurant in Carpinteria, the Siam Elephant. Pictured is my vegan entree. I ordered asparagus and mushrooms with tofu and a side of brown rice. Delicious, especially with a splash of soy sauce.

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