Sunday, March 20, 2011

For Sandy

Today was supposed to be the first blog here from Sandy Keith. She is a facebook friend of mine. A retired newspaper reporter who lives in California. She lost her husband last year and misses him terribly. She is a devout Christian. One of the ones who lives what she believes, makes a difference in people's lives, shows incredible kindness and wisdom and does not smack you over the head with her bible because she wants you to think like she thinks you should think, or just to show that she is holier than though. She walks the walk.

It's is funny/strange that you could know these things about someone who is a "friend" on facebook, someone you know but you really don't know. But with Sandy you know that she is the real deal. Someone you want to emulate because you respect her even if you disagree with her sometimes. Strange thing about the internet and these social sites, it can make the world a smaller and gentler place. When you sort through all the loudness and anger you just might find that you/we have more in common than you realize.

Sandy started a blog a few weeks ago . It is filled with some wonderful memories and the writing is pretty top notch. I can recognize this even if I can't duplicate it. It is a joy to read. She has 21 followers already and I think Sandy has a great time doing it. Maybe reminiscing can be cathartic. I urge you to check it out.

Sandy has had some health problems and decided to go vegan and join us here. Today was to be her first day blogging with us. I get notification from a mutual friend, one I know in person, that Sandy is in the hospital. She sent word through him that she had every intention of posting today and sharing a great recipe with us. She told me last week that she was ready to go and had a great pasta recipe to share with us. I love pasta. I love Sandy and I haven't even met her in person, funny that.

Get well Sandy. We look forward to seeing you here, to you being well, to sharing your insights and memories and your recipes!

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