Friday, April 1, 2011

Simple Vegetarian Spaghetti "Lite" aka M.H.O.A.H.

My Humble Offering After Hiatus (MHOAH)

Simple Vegetarian Spaghetti "Lite"

Note this dish in the photo is not explicitly GF, however one could substitute GF pasta just as easily.

2 tablespoons oil
1 can whole peeled tomatoes
1 can mushrooms with stems
5 cloves of garlic
1 teaspoon oregano
1/2 teaspoon basil
salt and pepper to taste

1 package spaghetti pasta (GF if preferred)
1 tspn oil
1/4 tspn iodized salt

Heat the oil in a medium skillet under medium heat, add peeled sliced garlic cloves and spices. Saute for just a minute- don't let it burn, then add mushrooms (w/ water or drained up to you) and allow to heat back to a saute or simmer (depending on your choice to use or omit juice.) Now add canned tomatoes, juice and all. Use a knife to split the whole tomatoes while in the sauce. Add salt to taste. Reduce heat and cover such that the sauce barely simmers.

Bring enough water to a boil to accommodate your pasta choice, add salt and oil, then pasta. Stir and allow to reach a boil once more, then turn off heat and cover. There are usually "low energy" cooking directions on the box- takes about 10 - 12 minutes to fully cook.

Drain the pasta and serve as you would normally serve a spaghetti dish. Goes well with a crusty garlicky bread, GF & vegan as able.

(editor's aside:)
If I learned anything at all from this hiatus, it is that life is not just short, it is fleeting. You may not find yourself in a perfect situation, however one can strive to make that situation perfect- as it is in the pursuit that one finds (Proverbs?) She might not be perfect, but what if she was gone tomorrow forever? You may have not married your soulmate, but by definition, your spouse becomes your soulmate- how did you treat your soulmate this morning? Would you send your soulmate a short loving message during the day? What difference does it make what happens in ten years when the only thing you can change is today? So what if you aren't chief of staff - she's still your wife, right? So what if her mom is crazy - you didn't marry her mom (unless she's about to move into the attic- oh no....the darkness is creeping in..... oh wait; mother in law likes to cook dessert! Winning.)

If you find yourself not married, not with anyone, and totally lost, then it's up to you to take the reigns and be your own spouse/friend/parent. Take care of yourself. Just because nobody is there to complain about morning breath doesn't mean you have a good reason to quit brushing your teeth- you might need might need them soon! Like after you create this meal! Buy good food. Prepare your meals. Eat meaningfully.

With life and all of its meaningless, find some meaning in your care and excellence in preparing even the simplest dishes. This is one of those "I live in a dorm but want to eat well" experiences; make it happen, and resign yourself to finish your paper and to call that person you've been thinking about all day. A text might be too little this time- just call her! Maybe next time she'll be privy to the fact that you cook and will be available to share.

Yeah, I wrote this too:

Sometimes we lose.

Sometimes we walk away from good things.

Sometimes we make mistakes.

Sometimes we don't call the ones we Love.

Sometimes the ones we Love don't call us.

It is all about being alive.

It is all about being who we are.

It is all meaningless; and that is why we cook.

Cooking brings meaning to our lives.

It gives us a reason to organize.

It gives us a reason to stop mourning our troubles

for long enough to seek out the best vegetables,

take them home, wash them.

We prepare them for their own sacrifice

to ourselves in order to keep alive.

So we may go on losing.

So we can continue to walk away from good things.

So we can continue to make mistakes.

So we can have the energy to finally call the person we Love.

So our Loved ones call us back when they are hungry.

So we can feed the ones we Love.

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