Monday, August 1, 2011

Soy Chorizo Burrito Blah

Chorizo is spicy and rich with seasoning. Soy chorizo is rich with the same seasoning, but flat without that greasy pig fat. There I said it. The grizzly truth why people enjoy eating meat. Some of us have vivid memories of our carnivore natures. Humanity developed eating animals; therefore, one cannot deny millions of years of survival instinct. Let alone the pleasure coded into our collective, which craves fatty foods. This is why I am only a part time vegan, which of course isn't one at all.

Why do I aspire to become one? It's my survival instinct. Our super sized food industry provides too much, too cheap, and way too convenient. It tricks us into obesity. Our bodies and the earth are paying a high price for this fragile and transient global buffet. Man made feed unnaturally cobbled together from corn, hormones, and antibiotics fill the caged livestock's bellies. They live and die in dreadful conditions. Massive, unhealthy, polluting mega cow, pig, chicken farms affect our land, water, and air. How long before our DNA becomes encoded with genetically modified corn. You are what you eat, right?

I grew up eating burritos. Ever since the seventies, flour tortillas were exchangeable with bread for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. In conjuring all the wonderful Mexican eateries in my town, I think chorizo is usually paired with potatoes, rather than rice. So I set off to cooking up some spuds, mixed with onions and garlic. Chopped potatoes into small pieces. Simmered or steamed them for 10 minutes or so (not fork tender yet). In one batch I added frozen spinach and chopped onions. In another I threw in a can of diced green chilies after sauteing the potatoes with onion and garlic. Both needed plenty of salt and pepper, cook until potatoes are tender, onions are translucent. In a separate skillet I fried the soy chorizo. Maybe if you drown this stuff in olive oil, greasy goodness can be imbued into the soy crumbles. I only used one tablespoon. Next time I will use two or three. Maybe even experiment with different oils: peanut oil, grape seed oil, or coconut oil?
I consider burritos a fast food. You can put anything in them, raw, canned, or cooked. The spinach, potato and soyrizo lunch burrito seemed a little bland, but wholesome and filling. I had high hopes for the green chili, potato, soyrizo burritos for supper too. WaWhaaaah.(trombone sound effect). Also a bit bland, yet hardy and warm in the belly. Do add avocado or asparagus or something to enrich this recipe.

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