Friday, June 1, 2012

Grilled Avocado

Dudes, not having my own computer is seriously the pits. And to top it all off, yesterday was one of the busiest days of my life, so I haven't been home much to cook. I mean, I made dinner the other night but it was stir fry again because that's basically what I live off of.

That and copious amounts of fruit. No joke.

So all that to say this: I'm sorry that I have no new incredibly exciting thing for you to read about today and try a new recipe. I do however have an old standby - grilled avocado. But I don't have pictures for you to gawk at and drool over, sorry pals. I think you all know what an avocado looks like though, right? Right. If you don't, you can go google it. I'll wait. :)

Okay, all caught up? Good. I just start by cutting my avocado in half. Sometimes I grill both halves, and sometimes I only grill one - it just depends on how hungry I am and if I'm cooking anything else at the same time. (Like stir fry. I have a problem.)

So I have this square flat pan that I use when I grill things - but the BBQ works just as well, especially if you like that smokey barbequed flavor (which I do!). Usually I start by turning the burner on high to warm up the pan and then I turn it down to med or med-low after I grease it with coconut oil.

Then (hold your breath!) I just plop the avocado on the pan. And then I let it sit. I wander into the living room, down the hallway, sometimes I sit on the couch. Two - three minutes later I meander back into the kitchen and I pick up my face down avocado half and I flip it over. It usually looks a little browned, but not black and shiny from the coconut oil. At this point, brown or not, I flip it over and let it sit for longer than I let the first side cook. This is because I don't peel the avocado, so it still has the skin to get through.

The skin starts to discolor the longer it sits on the heat. This is a good indicator for when it's warm on the bottom. I usually just go by whether I feel like I can live with how warm it is. When in doubt I let it sit a little longer. Then I flip it back over on the flat side if I don't feel like it's quite brown enough for me. And to zap a little more heat into after letting it breathe for so long while I cooked the other side.

Once it's all warm enough the way you like it, put it in a bowl. I sprinkle on a tiny amount of salt and a good amount of pepper. If I have limes or lime juice I squeeze a little bit all over the top. Then I eat it with a spoon. So good!

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