Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hooked on a feelin'

An individual who chooses to “go green” may get that warm fuzzy feeling inside, and should; however we must not forget the looming 80-20 dilemma, where bigger forces are at work. What the heck am I talking about? Cow farts. Deforestation. Unregulated food supplies. “100 mile diet” made impossible. Monsanto worshippers. The original outsourcerers. That's right, I'm talking about fast food.

Not sure I want to know what's in that one:

Eating vegan totally cuts off fast food companies, because they basically don't cater to us. And if they did, I guarantee that any green interests one may have expected would be compromised with chinese apple juice and DDT raised veggies from south of the border (can they get it across the border without getting shot these days?)

But wait; here's the scenario.  It's 3:00pm, you've missed lunch.  Starving, desperate, hey- french fries are vegan, right?  You pull into a well visited drive-through, and order the tasty creatures.  All is well until your kid googles it on her iphone, just to be sure.  “WAIT! Mom / Dad!  Those fries have Milk in them!!!”  The wool just gets thicker!  “And a guy in endochina just took your order!”  I'm lovin this sh*t!  So does one believe google?  Better be safe and stick to the principles.  Hunger be dammed.  Squealing your Vespa tire, you and your kid maneuver around the SUV [with their family lineage tree in the form of stick figures with names (Chase – Janet – Spring – Delaenore – Pitt – Trent – Daphne – Kettingdon – Bently – Juniper – et al) underneath emblazoned across the back window] and get the heck out of there, barely avoiding the grease puddle leaking from the “do not use for bio-diesel or you'll be shot on site” spent frying oil bin.  On the open road, you think to yourself: “I can make it home and throw together...”

Ben's 3 O'clock Vegan Snack; for beginners

½ cup organic non-GMO popping corn (whole foods store)
2 tablespoon organic grapeseed oil

In a medium pot, add the kernels, the oil, heat on just over medium heat, cover partially (opening must be smaller than a popped kernel) and allow to “pop” until pops are about 7 seconds apart or so... then remove from heat and immediately pour into a bowl. Salt to taste, enjoy a guilt-free food.

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