Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Drip, drip, drop

Last night at the first sound of rain, One Three threw off her play clothes, jumped into her bathing suit and ran out into it. She threw her head back with her mouth open for a drink, found a puddle in her little lawn chair and did a couple of butt splashes. She screamed and ran through puddles and dances with her arms outstretched. It is a lesson to us who are so serious in our daily worries, a lesson to pay attention to the miracles outside our door and seize the moment. Play more. Laugh more. Splash a little.

It's a disjointed day, interesting, diverse, stimulating really. Rain most of the day. Dark, calming, refreshing. I did do a little work. Signed up to walk the Aids Walk LA on Sunday, then figured out how to put that on my face book page. There went the morning.

Lunch was quick. There are two vendors at my farmers market selling hummus and tapenade. I brought home a little 8 oz container of the tapenade on Saturday and ate a little with some rice chips and vegetable sticks. Grabbed a green apple and ran out the door. Onto errands.

First stop on the errand list, the health food store. I paid $0.99 for an ounce of liquid wheat grass, thinking it would beef up the nutrition level of my light lunch. I held it for a moment, so pretty and bright green. I asked the young lady at the counter what I might expect. "Should I chug it now or wait until I get home where I could chase it with some orange juice?" "Well...." she couldn't find the words to describe the taste to me, "you definitely need a chaser, and not water." A handsome young man in a white apron came by, she pointed a finger at him and said, "He knows, he drinks wheat grass everyday." HE said, "It tastes like a freshly mowed lawn smells. It's a little sweet." I finished my shopping, slung the shopping bag over my shoulder and carried the little one ounce container of wheat grass to my car. "Look at me, this is ridiculous, chug it right here in the parking lot." Self talk is good. The verdict? Good. Sweet. It tastes just like a freshly mowed lawn smells. I'll do it again soon.

I took a beautiful drive into the county behind my house to pick up a neighbors dog from the dog hotel. Past orange and avocado groves, past palm tree nurseries, past open fields and horses and pepper trees. I rolled the window down just enough to bring in the fragrances brought to life by the light rain. Oh I love this country in the rain. Sweet rain on a parched state.

Then I stopped at the post office, and on to Lens Crafters to get my eyes tested and to get new glasses. Sounds like a few quick errands, but nothing is quick. It was after 6 when I got home to start dinner.

First course. A glass of Merlot, to get my groove back. Second course, green salad. Lots of greens. With an EVOO and vinegar dressing. Third course, a bowl of vegan vegetable soup from a can. Hey. It's after 6. I meant to fix Pasta with Shell Beans and Tomatoes from the health and nutrition section of the NY Times. But who has time for that? I have time I guess, if I want to eat at 9pm. Dessert? The best part. A bowl of fresh strawberries, still available in my market.

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