Thursday, November 26, 2009


What a great opportunity to add a vegan day; Thanksgiving. Especially if you are thankful that the world hasn't melted; what a way to say thanks than to switch to veg. What veg to eat on T-day? To start with, why not the multitude of potatoes already on the table; mashed, yams, boiled; simply use a little olive oil or the like instead of butter; and there are tons of milk alternatives; not a bad time to use plenty of garlic in the old mashed potatoes. Relatives insensitive to your dietary commitment? Bring your own, & stick with it!

So what did I do this year? Veg plate & hummus went over very well at the hors d'ouvres table. Easy easy easy; can't go wrong at the organic produce section. & No cheating by bringing the pre-made veg platter- it's much better when you do it yourself.

Not full after dinner? Dessert table another cure; simply beware of dairy.

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