Monday, November 21, 2011

Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen?

No way.

Elbow to elbow. "Behind you." Excuse me." "I think your water's boiling." "What's in this bowl?" "Did anyone bring cranberries?"

"F - U - N" This is what memories are made of.

A wise person told me that if you want to keep your family close, create new memories. It's wonderful to sit around the table and enjoy a delicious feast. It's memorable to bump into each other in the kitchen and drop the only pumpkin pie to it's death on the kitchen floor. It's memorable to watch your daughter taste the mashed potatoes with the same spoon she stirs the gravy. It's memorable to wash a few dishes as you go with your 6 year old granddaughter and make soap suds beards. It's memorable to turn the music up and do a group dance while you chop measure stir baste.

On Wednesday evening the LA family will arrive. I asked them if they had any requests for dinner. "Whatever you fix will be fine."

"It might be vegan," I said.

"Oh." then there was silence.

I'm fixing Mary's stuffed portobello mushrooms and my chopped salad. They'll love it. They have big appetites so sometimes vegan sounds like "not enough" to them. They'll see. It will fill them up.

And on Thursday we will all roll up our sleeves and fix a Thanksgiving to remember. I'm pouring over some vegan, gluten free cookbooks, looking for a surprise side dish. Also I need a gluten free roll that everyone will love. It's only Monday. I'll be back tomorrow to let you know what I find. I want to do a little baking before the crowd arrives - shhh - I'm going to refrain from saying "gluten free" on Thanksgiving. I'll just say, "pass the rolls please".

NOTE: It's Wednesday now. I'm not satisfied with any of the vegan gluten free roll recipes I've found. It's a very difficult combination - no gluten - no egg - the binder is missing and most recipes load up on starches like sorghum flour to compensate. I haven't stopped looking. Maybe I'll settle for a cracker.  Anyway it's Wednesday and the LA family will be here soon. I GIVE UP for now.

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