Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Deli Take Out

There is always so much to do between Thanks Giving and the New Year. One good thing about my man refusing to participate or even taste anymore Vegan food is that I only need to worry about my own needs on my day to eat Vegan. Furthermore, whenever I don't have to cook, why would I bother? It's not as if I live to experiment with food recipes.  Besides there are several high end grocers in Santa Barbara to pick up ready made vegetarian or vegan meals.

As pictured, I found these dishes in the deli section. A marinated tofu dish and a red, whole grain rice salad. I have to tell you, I was ready for bland and tasteless, but, surprisingly, I actually dug in with gusto! I wrote down all of the ingredients for a future blog. However, marinating bite-sized pieces of firm tofu is a no brainer! Just buy a pre-made marinade, how could you go wrong! My Japanese friends grew up on tofu sitting in plain soy sauce, and it's great tasting too.

The whole rice salad had raw onions, white corn kernels, bell peppers, green onions, cilantro, and spinach. The vinaigrette, had olive oil, Balsamic vinegar, garlic, salt, and pepper as its ingredients. The nutty Bhutanese Red Rice was fabulously hearty and satisfying. The bright corn kernels crunched sweetly inside the balance of other savory flavors. I mixed a fruit drink out of cranberry and one of those berry mixes that Naked Juice or Odalla puts out. I had all my protein, carbs, and vitamins to last me all day, practically.

Well, got to festoon my house inside and out, because I volunteered to host the Animal Clinic's Christmas dinner party. The doctor is ordering catered food. Yippee. Since his wife is vegetarian, I'm sure to find some yummy vegan options too. Now, I All I have to do is clean, decorate, move some furniture around to fit long tables in my living room, and clean some more. Happy Hustle and Bustle to you and yours!

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