Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Slow Town Weekend

"Slow Town". That's what the natives call it. Because, there is not much going on in Winslow. There is so little going on there doesn't seem to be enough time to accomplish it in!

The following photos are weekend happenings here in our little hamlet, high in the Ozarks. Winslow, Arkansas, population 397 or thereabouts. No one really knows for sure.

Rain barrel making workshop on the town square. Sponsored by the community and the Cooperative Extension Service, 20 participants constructed a barrel. Instruction and materials were provided for a minimal fee and participants got to take their completed rain barrel home!

Rain barrels capture water from your roof and are an excellent and free source of water for your garden. A one inch storm generates 600 gallons of water from the roof of a 1,000 square foot home! Now if it would only rain...

Ozark Folkways hosted a workshop in the afternoon with a local expert on dowsing. Some people call it "Water Witching" because people used to dowse for water using witch hazel branches. I had an aunt who used to do it with branches from apple trees. She was right on every time!

This morning was my day to water the local community garden. It seems to be taking on a life of it's own with new "yard art" showing up weekly. It's part of our campaign to "Keep Winslow Weird". Sure it's a bit tacky but we'll have Black Krim heirloom tomatoes in about two weeks!

My unfortunate discovery this morning while watering, four homeless kittens with no mother in sight. My inn is full and my heart is breaking.  

Hanging new artwork at Ozark Folkways this afternoon by David Holcomb; local artist and some would say, my better half.

Our once a month vegan pot luck luncheon. So many wonderful dishes primarily made from local produce. Great food and a great turnout!

One of my favorite dishes to make, caponata. Wonderful served at room temperature as a  spread for sliced baguettes, a sandwich filling, as a summer side dish or on pasta. I even made the bowl!

After lunch, a class on gourd art taught by a local artist. She even makes purses out of large ones!

A finished piece (no, not mine). So beautiful!

All in all, a fun and busy weekend. There is not really much slow in "Slow Town" after all! And the kittens? Two angels from the potluck adopted them and they are now in loving homes. My heart is not broken after all.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this entry. What a great little place to live. Makes this big city less and less appealing every day....